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How to Play the Game

Flag Game Rules

Flag Football Rules

I. Snoop Special Stars Flag Football is non contact.
In all aspects of Snoop Special Stars Flag Football, rulings shall be made with player safety as the primary consideration.


II. Teams shall field five (5) players to start the game (required).
Teams may continue with a minimum of four (4) players, if necessary due to disqualification or injury.


III. Teams will be grouped in divisions based on a classification round of games.


IV. Points of Emphasis
No team shall repeatedly commit penalties/fouls which halve the distance to the goal line.
Neither team shall commit any act which, in the opinion of the referee, tends to make a travesty of the game. This includes intentionally committing penalties/fouls to gain an advantage.
The referee will enforce any penalty he/she considers equitable, including the award of a score for an unfair act.


V. Coin Toss
A coin toss determines first possession.
Each team will provide two (2) captains.
The officials and team captains will meet three (3) minutes prior to the start of the contest to conduct the coin toss.
The winner of the coin toss will choose offense, defense, or end of field to defend. The team winning the coin toss may defer its choice to the second half.


VI. Possessions
All possessions, except following an interception, start at the offensive team’s 5-yard line.
The offense has four (4) plays to cross mid-field.
Once the offense crosses mid-field, they have four (4) additional plays to score a touchdown.
If the offensive team fails to cross mid-field or score a touchdown in a prescribed number of plays, possession of the ball changes and the opposite team starts at their 5-yard line.

The ball carrier may not spin, dive, hurdle, stiff arm, or use either arm to shield a defender from grasping his/her flag.
The ball is marked at the spot where the position of the ball is when the player is declared down (carrier’s flag belt is pulled or hand/knee touches ground).

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